“Sulatycky’s Alberta landscapes will break what's left of your heart after you go through the wringer with his extraordinary characters in Jasmine Road.”

-  Stephen Hunt - CTV  -

“Sulatycky has a reverence for character, and a patient way with the lives of his
characters, and they all came to a kind of marvellous life in Jasmine Road.”

-  Stephen Hunt - CTV  -

“A Quiet Study of intersecting lives.”

-  Eric Volmers - Calgary Herald  -

“A remarkable performance by newcomer Melody Mokhtari.”

-  Eric Volmers - Calgary Herald  -

“Thanks to perceptive performances of the actors and well-crafted characters, the
film offers surprising depth without

ever becoming preachy.”

-  Eric Volmers - Calgary Herald  -

“Writer-director Warren Sulatycky takes it down to a personal, emotional, and honest level you never get on the evening news.

The result is an edgy yet surprisingly gentle tear-jerker – one that can make your

blood boil at the same time.”

-  GIG City  -

“For the most part the film steers clear of anger and violence; instead, with rich
dialogue and well-drawn characters, we are gifted with a remarkable insight into
people who are “just like us.”

-  GIG City  -

“The element of “magic” adds an extra emotional layer to an already heartbreaking, heart-warming story.

Better bring Kleenex.”

-  GIG City  -

“The acting alone — plus the back and forth of Arabic and country music — are
worth your support as the Edmonton Film Festival’s opening night film.”

-  Edmonton Journal  -

“A beautifully filmed, poignant story about the common humanity that binds us all together.”

-  Parent Previews  -

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